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Latin America Product Representation &

Franchise Support Services

 In addition to its supply chain consulting practice, Trade Facilitators works with U.S. firms that are interested in expanding their product offering to the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. With a particular expertise in the nations of Central & South America that have Free Trade Agreements with the United States, TFI can represent manufactures directly, or align companies with organizations that are experts in specific verticals.

Through a portfolio of services that includes trademark protection, contract negotiation, in-country marketing, sales, trade financing, order management and end-to-end logistics support, TFI’s bilingual staff works with U.S. firms in countries that include Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. Utilizing its U.S. network, as well as in-country partners and its own regional office in Bogotá, TFI focuses on areas that include agriculture, processed foods, consumer goods, wine & spirits and fashion.

As part of its Latin America practice, Trade Facilitators also works with U.S. restaurants, fast food outlets and kiosk operators to introduce their franchise-based model to Latin America. TFI’s unique, fully integrated service model includes identification & vetting of food service partners, private equity funding, real estate selection, marketing, local sourcing, employee recruiting/training, tax/regulatory guidance and supply chain support.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the vast opportunities available to U.S. exporters in Latin America and want to sell your products to a market of +400 million people, then give TFI a call at 1 424 257 7815, or send an email via the “Contact Us” button on this site’s home page.



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