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"Success has a thousand authors, but failure is an orphan." - JFK

Sales Training for Third Party Logistics Professionals

The only training module of its kind on the market, TFI has drawn upon 20+ years of direct 3PL sales experience to develop a unique educational module for Third Party Logistics Sales Professionals. Designed specifically for a full-day, class-room style presentation, this 85 slide program combines technical training with real-life scenarios, team selling and role playing to create a truly amazing venue. With an emphasis on analyzing true-to-life sales challenges in the 3PL space, the content and Trainer's Guide open the floor to the formulation of techniques for optimal sales effectiveness. Subject matter includes:  

  • The 3PL sales cycle
  • Integrated Logistics vs. Global Supply Chain Management
  • The 3PL service portfolio
  • The Voice of the Customer
  • Target markets 
  • Qualifying customers
  • 3PL sales techniques
  • Product knowledge
  • Overcoming objections
  • Pricing & bid responses
  • Asking for the business
  • Implementation & upselling