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Quote of the Week

"Success has a thousand authors, but failure is an orphan." - JFK

Continuous Supply Chain Improvement

Designed as a full-day program, the content of this module provides participants with the understanding, tools and methodologies needed to carry out successful supply chain improvement initiatives. Supported by a complete Trainer's Guide, TFI draws on its unique experience with multi-industry business models and detailed knowledge of Six Sigma and Lean Thinking to empower organizations towards the creation of sustainable competitive advantage. Designed by our on-staff Black Belt in Six Sigma, this hands-on, interactive training venue places particular emphasis on:

  • Origins of the quality movement
  • Process variation
  • Supply chain velocity
  • Six Sigma & Lean for supply chain management
  • The Six Sigma & Lean toolbox
  • Case studies
  • Workshop methodologies
  • Measuring workshop effectiveness