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Understanding & Preparing International Sales Contracts

The long-term success of any international business model depends on an organization's ability to understand, execute and enforce contracts with their suppliers and customers. Within the realm of contemporary supply chain management it is clear that effective operations, seller/buyer goodwill and financial success are all a direct function of a knowledge-based approach to contract management.

In recognition of this most fundamental of supply chain activities Trade Facilitators, Inc. has designed an in-house training module that views contract preparations from an operational, legal and financial perspective. Based on the content of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (UNCISG) and guided by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Model for International Sales Contracts, this class is ideal for professionals that are tasked with a company's sourcing, purchasing, program management, logistics or global sales activities.

With over 100 slides and a comprehensive Trainer's Guide, this module offers the content and flexibility needed to tailor presentations to a webinar, on-line or classroom format. Key components of this fact-based and real-world oriented module are:

  • Principles of The UNCISG
  • Introduction to the ICC Model
  • Seller/Buyer responsibilities
  • Delivery obligations (Incoterms)
  • Transfer of title
  • Payment terms
  • Applicable law & dispute resolution
  • Step by step guide to contract preparation
  • ICC & UCC comparisons
  • Revenue recognition