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Logistics & Law of Exporting From the United States

Competitively priced, high quality products are a great start to an effective export program, but there are many more variables in this truly global equation. Long-term success in overseas markets requires that companies combine product expertise with knowledge of landed costs, logistics management and regulatory compliance to create sustainable competitive advantage.

The Logistics & Law of Exporting From the United States takes a holistic approach to providing companies with the export know-how they need to maximize gross profit while improving customer service. Ideal for 3PL's, logistics professionals, export sales, order management and financial personnel, this unique module is comprised of 100 slides that include dozens of documentary examples, excerpts from the Export Administration Regulations, visual aids and section-specific quizzes. Accompanied by a complete Trainer's Guide, this program focuses on:

  • U.S. Export Administration Regulations
  • Review of Incoterms
  • Unit vs. landed costs
  • Preparing export quotes and bids
  • Air vs. ocean transportation
  • Volume vs. actual weight
  • Documentation requirements
  • Working with freight forwarders