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"Success has a thousand authors, but failure is an orphan." - JFK

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Whenever you consider the purchase of an educational tool it should be viewed as an investment, not an expense. Any investment should offer future benefits beyond its original price and that is exactly what the TFI Incoterms module accomplishes. With Trade Facilitators your return on investment (in the form of cost savings, higher gross profit and enhanced risk management) will continue to grow as employees apply what they've learned over the long term.
Compare the below price list to the live, in-house Incoterms classes offered by other companies. The typical price for a one day, six hour presentation is $750 per person (exclusive of travel & lodging). At TFI your employees enjoy a 24/7/365 multi-media experience where they can repeat material as many times as they wish. Not only is the TFI module more economical, it includes 20 documentary examples, 36 graphic illustrations, 21 trade anecdotes, 40 audio supplements and a mandatory exam, all of which are intended to maximize learning and retention.
Like any good investment strategy you need to be putting your money where there is maximum return. For on-line learning in the field of international trade, that place is Trade Facilitators, Inc.
Number of Students
Product Min Qty Max Qty Individual Quantity Price ($)
IncoTerms (Audio) 1 5 225.00
IncoTerms (Audio) 6 12 195.00
IncoTerms (Audio) 13 20 175.00
IncoTerms (Audio) 21   155.00