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"Success has a thousand authors, but failure is an orphan." - JFK

Supply Chain Security & C-TPAT Certification

Trade Facilitators combines Best Practices with industry-specific standards to assist global companies in establishing supply chain processes that are both secure and friendly to the environment. Whether you're implementing anti-theft measures or are applying for C-TPAT Certification all TFI security engagements emphasize:

  • Security Audits
  • Current State Analysis
  • Risk identification
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Integrated security planning
  • Cost Benefit/Analysis

TFI offers a variety of services associated with the C-TPAT application, validation and certification process.  These services range from introductory C-TPAT Awareness Training to a Turn-Key Certification Process.  Based on the goals and resources of the client Trade Facilitators can design a tailored program that delivers on commitments while complying with budgetary requirements.  Services include:

  •  Creation of the C-TPAT Policy Statement
  •  C-TPAT Awareness Training
  • C-TPAT Communication Plan
  • Preparation of Application & Supply Chain Security Profile
  • Current State & Gap Analysis
  • Security Enhancement Planning
  • Supplier Compliance Software
  • The Validation Visit
  • Procedures Manual for Certification Maintenance