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International Freight Audits & 3PL Bid Management

Depending on a company’s global business model, transportation, logistics and related expenses can represent between 9-18% of total sales. That means that for every revenue dollar earned, an average of thirteen cents is consumed by shipping costs. Whether you’re an importer or exporter, Trade Facilitators can help you negotiate the best shipping deals possible and make sure that you are charged what was negotiated.

With over twenty two years of direct experience working in the Third Party Logistics field, TFI has managed hundreds of bids and audit programs for services that include international air and ocean freight, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, and domestic transportation. Put Trade Facilitators’ experience to work and optimize the return that you see in both service and cost from your logistics service providers. TFI’s comprehensive approach to freight audits and bid management is characterized by:

Freight Audits

  • Deep dive of existing contracts
  • Analysis of current rate structures
  • Benchmarking by mode of transport
  • Audit of 3PL invoices
  • Freight payment service
  • Monthly recovery report

Bid Management

  • Current state analysis
  • Pareto Analysis of lane pairs
  • Request For Information preparation
  • Request For Quotation preparation
  • 3PL bid review and negotiations
  • Operational implementation